A Dog Without Hope - Barby Keel
Gabby - Barby Keel
The Puppy No One Wanted - Barby Keel
The Street Dog Who Found A Home - Barby Keel
Will You Love Me? - Barby Keel

The Foster Tails Series

Barby Keel has run an animal sanctuary deep within the Sussex countryside for more than 55 years. At the age of 28 Barby bought four acres of land for £1400, and built her own home brick by brick before establishing her Animal Sanctury.

Barby Keel is used to all manner of creatures arriving at the door, and has taken in countless animals in need of love, care and a second chance at life. Barby Keel lives and works at the Animal Sanctuary, deep within the Sussex countryside.

Cathryn Kemp worked with Barby Keel to create this heart warming and best selling series of books.