Some of the books Cathryn has co-written/ghostwritten include a #1 bestseller, as well as five Sunday Times bestsellers. Other ghosted books not listed here for confidentiality reasons, have hit the bestseller lists.

A Poisoner's Tale by Cathryn Kemp
Our Daily Bread by Father Alex Frost and Cathryn Kemp
A Song For Bridget - Phyllis Whitsell
Jam Butties and a Pan of Scouse - Maggie Clarke
Coming Clean: Diary of a Painkiller Addict by Cathryn Kemp
A Fish Supper and a Chippie Smile - Hilda Kemp
We Ain't Got No Drink, Pa - Hilda Kemp

The Foster Tails Series for Orion Publishing

A Dog Without Hope - Barby Keel
The Puppy No One Wanted - Barby Keel
Will You Love Me? - Barby Keel
Gabby - Barby Keel
The Street Dog Who Found A Home - Barby Keel