Cathryn Kemp is an author of addiction memoirs, and a ghostwriter of more than fifteen titles ranging from celebrity memoirs to true crime, extraordinary lives, animal rescue memoirs, to crime thriller fiction books.

Cathryn is avidly interested in women’s social history, and is currently mapping out three historical fiction titles based on real women who lived dangerous lives in treacherous times.

She is passionate about addiction recovery as a public speaker and chief executive of charity the Painkiller Addiction Information Network (PAIN), which she set up in 2016 after the publication of Coming Clean, her personal memoir of recovery.

The titles Cathryn has worked on include: The Game (Linda Calvey, Welbeck Publishing 2022), The Locksmith (Linda Calvey, Welbeck Publishing 2021), The Black Widow (Linda Calvey, Mirror Books 2020), Happily Imperfect (Stacey Solomon, Harper Collins Thorsons, 2019), The Foster Tails series (Various titles, Barby Keel, Trapeze), A Song for Bridget (Mirror Books, 2018), My Beautiful Struggle (Jordan Bone, Trapeze, 2017), Jam Butties & A Pan of Scouse (Trapeze, 2016), A Fish Supper & A Chippy Smile (Hilda Kemp, Orion 2015), ‘We Ain’t Got No Drink, Pa’ (Hilda Kemp, Orion, 2015), Coming Clean (Little,Brown, 2017, formerly Painkiller Addict: From Wreckage to Redemption, 2012).

Cathryn was formerly a national journalist, writing across the spectrum of the British press, and has won awards both for non fiction and journalism.

Cathryn is a frequent speaking guest – talking about her memoir Coming Clean and her journey through major illness, addiction to the medicines she was prescribed and eventual recovery. Stigma-busting and awareness-raising are her themes, along with pain, disability, recovery and redemption.

She is represented by Jane Graham Maw at Graham Maw Christie Literary Agency.

You can find Cathryn on Twitter at @cathrynkemp and on Instagram @cathryn_kemp

Cathryn Kemp